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    BNOCL - Woodbourne, St Philip

    BNTCL - Fairy Valley, Christ Church

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    BNOCL: 246-418-5200
    BNTCL: 246-418-1500

BNTCL was established to manage the importation, storage and distribution of the country’s gasoline, diesel and fuel oil, as well as the exportation of crude oil.  The fuels are stored at the BNTCL’s Fairy Valley Facility, with the exception of heavy fuel oil which is stored at the Esso Holborn terminal.

Gasoline and diesel are carried to Fairy Valley and crude oil from Fairy Valley via pipeline leading from the Oistins Berth where the tankers dock.

BNTCL also imports, stores and distributes aviation fuel, jetA1, on behalf of the Major oil companies, SOL, Esso and Chevron. The majority of the Jetfuel imported is transferred to the Joint venture facility at the airport where it is used to fuel aeroplanes. Additionally, some of it is transferred via pipeline to the adjacent Barbados Light and Power plant where it is used to generate electricity.   It is also sold as kerosene at the loading rack where trucks collect it for domestic consumption.