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Energy Tips

  • Make sure you turn off all lights and electronic utilities when you leave a room...

  • Use energy efficient bulbs, such as fluorescent lights with lower wattage. ..

  • Remember to turn off all external lighting during daytime. ..

  • Use motion detectors instead of other external lighting fixtures during the night. ..

  • Instead of mobile fans and air condition units, use ceiling fans instead, since they utilise less energy. ..

  • Ensure that refrigerator seals are airtight. ..

  • For gas appliances, look for blue flames; yellow flames indicate the gas is burning inefficiently and an adjustment may be needed. ..

  • Make sure electrical fixtures are operating efficiently.  Malfunctioned equipment may use twice or more times the electricity.  Perform scheduled maintenance on all appliances. ..

  • Clean all electrical appliances to ensure efficient output of your appliances.  It would ensure longevity in your appliances. ..

  • Avoid using multiple electrical devices at any one time. ..

  • Use solar devices, such as solar water heaters instead of electric water heaters. ..

  • Monitor gasoline usage when carrying out daily activities and reduce daily mileage. ..

  • Carpooling can reduce individual gasoline usage. ..

  • Try healthier modes of transportation such as walking or riding. ..

  • Minimise the use of the air condition unit in your vehicle as it increases fuel consumption. ..

  • Purchase more energy efficient vehicles.  The savings made from such an investment are clear. ..

  • Utilising renewable or alternative fuels reduce harmful hydrocarbon emissions which can be detrimental to our health and foster a cleaner environment.  Renewable sources such as solar, wind and geothermal energy can be used to generate electricity and have been used for water heating and lighting.  Natural gas is a prime alternative to gasoline as it produces 30% less green house emissions. .....