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barrelCrude Oil - The BNOCL produces crude oil which has an average 24.5 API. Crude Oil is shipped to Petrotrin in Trinidad through a Processing Agreement, where it is refined into products and we acquire the value of the Crude Oil in Fuel Oil.


barrelNatural Gas - The BNOCL produces natural gas which is sold the National Petroleum Corporation (NPC) (http://npc.com.bb). Barbados has built a pipeline network which enables the delivery of natural gas to commercial, industrial and domestic customers throughout the island, whilst minimising venting. NPC is the state owned entity which owns the pipeline network and has the responsibility for the marketing of the fuel.


barrelMotor Gasoline - The BNOCL imports the country's requirements for Unleaded Gasoline (95) Octane. BNOC supplies and sells gasoline to the three Major Oil Companies in Barbados, Sol, Esso and Texaco, through Petroleum Product Supply Agreements. These Majors in turn sell to the retailers. The retail gasoline prices are regulated by Government.


barrelDiesel Oil - The BNOCL also imports the country's requirement of Diesel which is 45 cetane index (0.5% Sul). Diesel is largely used in the manufacturing, industrial and transportation sectors. It is sold to the three Majors and other large-scale Marketers through Product Supply Agreements. The retail diesel prices are also regulated by Government.


barrelAviation Fuel- Jet A1 - The BNTCL imports , stores and distributes aviation fuel , jetA1, on behalf of the Major oil companies, SOL, Esso and Chevron. Majority of the Jetfuel imported is transferred to the Joint venture facility at the airport where it is then used to fuel aeroplanes. Additionally, some of it is transferred via pipe line to the adjacent Barbados Light and Power plant where it is used to generate electricity. It is also sold as kerosene at the loading rack where trucks collect it for domestic consumption.


barrelHeavy Fuel Oil - The BNOCL imports Fuel Oil from Petrotrin in Trinidad and Staatsolie in Suriname. The primary market for heavy fuel oil is the electric utility company, Barbados Light and Power. It is also used in asphalt manufacturing and other industrial, commercial and transportation sectors.



barrelAsphalt  - The BNOCL imports Fuel Oil for the Asphalt Plant from Staatsolie a company based in Suriname. The company also possesses a 30% equity interest in API. API provides the Asphalt requirements for the island and exports to several Caribbean countries.