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Drillinngrig1_editedA healthy, safe and secure atmosphere forms the core of all our industrial activities. By implementing ergonomic solutions and reducing all risks within our work spaces and operating environments we ensure that the health, safety and welfare of our employees are optimised as we recognise its linearity with maximum productivity.

Cognizant of our responsibility to the environment and society within a sensitive operating environment; we engage in activities which reduce environmental impacts ensued during daily operations and embrace our surrounding community.

Therefore as good corporate citizens we recognise the importance of maintaining high health, safety, security and environmental standards.

These industrial standards are maintained through the following initiatives:

  • The implementation of a water quality monitoring programme in 1997, in conjunction with the Barbados Water Authority and the Environmental Protection Department to ensure that the quality of the potable water extracted within the environs of our oilfields is maintained at the highest possible standards at all times.
  • We also work closely with the Solid Waste Project Unit and other relevant authorities to eliminate indiscriminate dumping of garbage and construction waste within the environs of the oilfields. We also ensure that all obsolete chemicals are disposed of in accordance with the stipulations of the Environmental Protection Department.
  • We encourage reuse and recycling of used materials at all levels of the operations.
  • The safety of our employees, along with our company's integrity, is of great importance to us. Thus, health and safety training for our staff is conducted annually both in-house and off site to ensure that they are made aware of the workplace health, safety and environmental issues and standards.
  • The company has formed an HSSE committee which ensures employee contribution in the development of HSSE plans, policies, standards and guidelines.
  • In light of the global and local energy challenges, we have been proactive in drafting a Business Energy Policy.
  • We have engaged Guardsman Security to patrol and oversee the industrial site and fields 24/7.
  • We maintain strong and viable relationships with all regulatory bodies to ensure that national and international requirements are met.