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    BNOCL - Woodbourne, St Philip

    BNTCL - Fairy Valley, Christ Church

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    BNOCL: 246-418-5200
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BNOCL has made the promotion of a safe and healthy workplace a company priority, with the incorporation of health and safety principles in all of companies operations and practices. Click here for our company statement on Quality and HSSE.

We recognise that our work comes with risks but have made the commitment to achieve the goal of zero reportable accidents and no environmental harm during our operations.

We are implementing a risk based management system in which we identify the hazards present in our infrastructure and processes and, using industry and best practices and standards, put safeguards in place to control them.

We have recognised that it is not just our employee’s practices that must be addressed but we are also improving the overall health and mind-set of our employees through wellness initiatives and education.


Key to improving the health and safety performance of the company is the effective management of contractors which ensures that the high standards we observe and expect of our employees is also extended to all of the contractors conducting work for or on behalf of the BNOCL. This is achieved by incorporating health and safety requirements within any contracts and by continued health and safety performance monitoring.


We are cognisant of the vulnerable nature of the environment on our small island state and utilize the same proactive approach to reduce the risks our operations pose to the environment. As part of our corporate responsibility we conduct regular ground water monitoring to verify that our operations are not negatively impacting our potable water supply.

We also conduct regular maintenance according industry standards on our pipeline infrastructure to minimize the chances of any breaks resulting in oil spills.